Blog 17, Into Idaho, Twin Falls and Boise

Blog 17, To Twin Falls, Idaho.


The drive into Idaho from Salt Lake City was over some high country, which is all under snow in the winter time.  It was green and lush at this time of year and was a refreshing site after the desert and red canyons.  We peaked in altitude at about 5500 feet.

We are staying at Twin Falls in southern Idaho.  This is a wide flat agricultural environment which reminds me of Norfolk, my home county in the UK, it too is agricultural.  The falls here are called the Shoshone Falls, which is Indian meaning Snake, as it’s the Snake river that runs through here-the river originates near Jackson Lake by Yellowstone in Wyoming.  It eventually makes it to the Pacific Ocean at Astoria in Portland, Oregon.

We drove into Twin Falls and parked at the informative visitors centre where we hopped on our bikes and rode 6km to the falls.  They were impressive.  They fall 212 feet making them one of the tallest falls in the US.  The river runs through a deep canyon and down river from the falls there is a wonderful recreation area on the wide, now dry banks of the river.  This must have once been a mighty raging river to have gouged the landscape as it has through time.  It’s fed by many rivers that would be swollen at times from snow melt in the Rocky mountain region.

The canyon at Twin Falls is the canyon Evil Knievel tried to jump across in 1974.  The mound of dirt that was built up for his take off is still there.  He failed to make the crossing but it was a huge public spectacle at the time.

Back at the coach we had a spring clean and a reorganize and then settled down to a BBQ.  Heading further north to Boise tomorrow.

Boise is still in a hot part of Idaho but it seems to be irrigated constantly, everywhere making it a green oasis like city. When we stayed here before we were in Caldwell, but this time thought we would try an area between Eagle and Garden City.  This RV was well located to the heart of Boise but we prefer the campsite at Caldwell, it was much more organized and tidier.

There was a very nice housing suburb near by for us to walk around.  We enjoy looking at houses here, the gardens were all so perfect.  We noticed that nearly all the houses had a chain hanging from their veranda/porch.  We couldn’t figure out what it was for so asked some locals who explained it was acting as a downpipe.  The first photo below shows an ornate chain with ornate cups on it to slow the water down.

Another 2 nights here, so on our non travel day we went to a shopping area to get supplies and some clothes shopping.  The mall was disappointing and almost empty for a Saturday.  Quite a few stores were closed and those that were open were a bit trashy, I think Sylvia Park was better. We didn’t find much.

Then onto some other stores and back home for a BBQ.  Very hot evenings with the sun still up at 9pm.  To exercise, you need to get up early to beat the heat, which is what we’ve been doing.

We left Boise today for McCall, heading north in Idaho.  Beautiful scenic drive, hilly and technical with lots of traffic heading towards Boise, everyone returning home after a weekend away.  The road was narrow in places took lots of concentration by the driver.  Of course as the passenger I was under great pressure to take some good photos!

We arrived at the RV park in McCall.  It’s a lovely place in the mountains with deer roaming around. You are advised to bring your shoes in at night time as the foxes like to chew them!  Because we’re in the mountains now were out of snake country but now in bear country.  There are black and grizzly bears here in northern Idaho, about 20,000 of them.  Apparently, none have been seen around here and usually don’t make a nuisance of themselves till August.  We’re here for 4 nights so tomorrow we will cycle around McCall and explore.