Blog 16, Salt Lake City, Utah

Blog 16, Salt Lake City, Utah


The drive from Moab to Salt Lake City (SLC) was very scenic, a continuation of canyons and multi coloured rock formations.  We both love Utah.  It’s such a diverse state with the canyons in the south, Salt Lake City is a lovely city and greener pastures as you head north going up into high country that in the winter becomes a winter wonderland, full of ski resorts.

We only had 2 nights booked in SLC.

We can’t quite remember our logic for staying only 2 nights, perhaps that we stayed and explored extensively in 2019. We find that when we stay somewhere for only 2 nights we are tired the day we arrive, we have one full day where we try to cram things in, and then it’s about getting ready to get going again.  2 night stays can be hard work at times.  Still, when we made these bookings in 2021 we would have had some good reasons!


We had been exploring canyons for days and needed to replenish our stocks so our day in SLC was about grocery and supply shopping etc. We didn’t have time for any site seeing.  We stayed at a KOA (Kampground of America) on this visit to SLC.  This campsite is on North Temple and is only about 5 km from downtown, so on our last evening around 6ish I decided to cycle into the city and have a look around Cedar Creek.  This is a huge shopping complex that’s connected across many streets and all enclosed by glass walk ways etc, and all air conditioned. It’s a wonderful place.  What with the Mormon temple, there’s is more to SLC than Donny and Marie!!

As I left our campsite I was surprised by the number of homeless people on the streets.  The KOA is in an industrial part of town.  At one point I made a wrong turn and ended up in a pretty dodgy area.  Lots of people living in cars, or in makeshift homes.

I decided I didn’t need to go shopping that badly so I turned around, but then found my way into downtown again.

Once in the city it’s all very well presented with clean streets, flowers, parks, event centres and of course the great Mormon Temple.  I did a little shopping but didn’t want to leave it too long before getting home, I have to take into consideration my poor sense of direction and a need to plan to get lost.


There were some homeless people around the city centre, but so many on the streets as I made my way home-a different route this time (yes, lost).  Everyone seems threatening to me because I was on my own and it was getting late, but they probably weren’t.  In fact one chap told me I had a lovely bicycle, and another chap had his bicycle laying across the footpath and was unable to get past.  I thought, hello, ambush!  But as I approached he told me he had ‘taken a tumble’, so I asked if he needed any help.  He was ok and very gracious.


Seeing so many homeless people makes me feel really sad.  I don’t understand how they’ve all come to be where they are.  Many are young.  I wish I could help them, but instead I’m suspicious.  We didn’t see this side of SLC when we stayed before so I think it was just the part of town we were in. Perhaps it was the real part.


I read that the Latter Day Saints (Mormons) donated $10 million to the homeless in 2017, and in the last decade have donated more than $52 million, and the church provides shelter for 1700 people each year that are homeless, it’s called their ‘Road Home’ project.  Studies show that they do more to help people in poverty than any other religious community.


We left the city the next day heading for the green pastures of Idaho, one of our favorite states.