Blog 15, Canyonlands

Blog 15, Moab/Canyonlands, Utah


Moab is the base for exploring the Canyonland National Park.  The park is 337,598 acres in size and the park entrance is about 40 miles away but it’s a very nice scenic drive.  Once inside the park you can choose from 3 different areas to explore, Island in the sky, The Maze or The Needles.  We chose the first option which is the closest to where we are staying and has lots of lookouts and a short walk to Mesa Arch.  Mesa means rocky outcrop or butte which can be any shape or size and Island in the Sky is a Mesa that stands on sandstone cliffs 1000 feet below, so by driving along the mesa and looking down you get great views and perspectives of the canyons below.  The road throughout the park is paved and there was very little traffic on it.  There are lots of hiking trails and some 4WD roads too, but we just went in for the scenic drive through.

The Colorado river and Green river’s flow through the canyon and join up at an area called the Confluence.  We were positioned on our drive to see the Green river in the distance.  You can use the river as transport through this amazing environment, both rivers run gently until the Confluence, then it becomes class 5 rapids.

We drove from the park entry to the Green River overlook, and on the way back hiked to the Mesa Arch.  While the roads are quite empty the overlooks and parking for the Mesa Arch were very busy.  The hike to the arch is only 1km return so it’s easy for just about everyone.  Whilst this was a popular photo opportunity we again saw the patience and kindness of American’s as they wait their turn, offer to take your photo as you then offer to take theirs.  It’s all very friendly.

Tomorrow we head off to Salt Lake City for a couple of nights, so this is our last day of living amongst the canyons of Arizona and Utah.  It’s been a wonderful experience.