Blog 13, Monument Valley, Utah

Blog 13, Monument Valley, Utah

Leaving Grand Canyon towards Monument Valley in Utah is a very scenic drive.

Still green outside of the Grand Canyon.

Monument Valley is home to the Navajo Indian Tribe.  They have stands along the highway selling native jewelry, pottery and other artifacts.  The scenery is amazing with photo opportunities in all directions.


We were staying at Gouldings RV park which I didn’t think would be very good, and looking at the scenery driving along the way I thought it would be in the middle of nowhere, but as we approached we drove closer and closer to the red monuments.  The RV park was nestled right in amongst the monuments.  It seemed like a very special place and amazing there could be any infrastructure at all.  Its very dry in this area but we had a shower one evening with some strong winds.

The land is so dry it was a mystery to me where they got their water from.  We asked a local who advised there is a well about 2 miles away.  The water is pumped to a point above the RV park and stored in huge tanks.  We noted there was razor wire all around these storage tanks.  This water is a precious commodity.

We so enjoyed having 2 nights at this place.  On our full day we explored the area on foot.  Lots of locals live nearby and we got the feeling we ought not walk near their village so we headed along the road that lead away from the RV park, there were also trails in the monuments themselves but not very long ones.

The town itself is called Olijato and has a supermarket, gas station and small airfield for tourist flights.  It was all very pleasant.

As we drove out of Olijato we were on the 163 highway.  This is a long straight road that has the monuments in the distance.  This is supposed to be one of the most photographed and filmed scenes in the world.  This is near where Thelma and Louise drove off the cliff and where Forest Gump decided to stop running and go home.

Leaving this area for Moab is one of the most scenic drives we have ever done.