Blog 11, Sedona, Arizona

We are actually staying about 10 miles away from Sedona in a woodsy valley beside a spring fed river.

We always research campsites before booking them but still they can be like a box of chocolates, you never quite know what you’re going to get.  We only have 30 amps of power instead of the usual 50 so we can only run 1 air con, we have no sewer connection although we can hold black and grey waste for 4-5 days if need be and we have no internet connection whatsoever here.  I don’t like being off line.  Having internet is like a basic human right these days.  It’s not that we want to watch you-tube or tv, but we need it for planning even at a basic level, like-what will we do tomorrow??

There are trout hatchery ponds nearby which attract lots of bird life.

 This is clear spring fed water

 Trout in the river

Old trout

Anyway, without prior research we drove into Sedona.  In some ways the drive in from this area called Page Springs is the best part, the scenery is breathtaking.  I really love this part of Arizona, it’s one of my favorite places so far.  I guess I look at the area through the eyes of an artist and take in the colours, textures and light.  Here all three are amazing.

We found our way to an information office and decided to drive out to Bell Rock for a walk and for a general explore but every address we put in our Garmin to get there could not be found.  It’s as if all the roads have only just been designed and built.  Because we couldn’t get a single address that worked we headed in the general direction but got lost a few times.  I noticed lots of cars driving slowly and indecisively which made me think many drivers were having the same problem.  We are in Sedona in a quiet season but I suspect it’s chaos on the roads here in peak season.

We eventually found the car park for the trailhead and went hiking.  It’s strikingly beautiful.  What makes Sedona stand out from other areas is the red rock and the formations of the buttes all around.

I noticed as we drove through the town centre that there were lots of art galleries, so the next day I drove back in and traipsed all over the city calling in to every gallery to find some representation.  I found 4 very nice galleries but it’s the same old story, too many artists, not enough wall space.  You never know, I might get selected by one but unlikely.  The gallery I liked the most was one of best art galleries I’ve ever been to.  They have over 5000 artists requesting representation each year but only select 2-3 artists.  Still, I will apply as you just never know…Yeah right!

I loved all the statues through the centre of town.  

Sedona attracts lots of hippies with a weekly wage.  Lots of alternative people live or visit Sedona and one of the reasons is that there are supposed to 2 energy vortex’s here.  These are area’s that put out a force field that some people can feel.  We thought it sounded like a pile of horse shit but there is a beauty here that I can imagine attracts in a lot of artist’s, and alternative people.  Crystals, candles and psychic readings etc are over represented.  There are also many boutique type stores that sell beautiful clothes but so very expensive.  Still I enjoyed my day of wandering all over on foot trying to sell my art and the fact that I wasn’t successful didn’t detract from the day.  I think this is a place I could live!

In the afternoon the thunder rolled in and it rained heavily.  The locals were overjoyed as it apparently hasn’t rained in Sedona for months.  There is a total fire ban in the whole region.


Two full days in Sedona wasn’t enough for me, I would have loved to have done more hiking and cycling in the surrounding environment but getting around by car was hard and no internet meant 2 days was fine.  Next stop Grand Canyon!!