Blog 10, back into Arizona

Our first night in Arizona was in Blythe, just over the border.  We stayed only 1 night but enjoyed watching the Colorado river run through the bottom of the campsite.


Next stop was Mesa where we stayed at a huge resort.  It seems that Mesa is block after block of walled/gated communities for the over 55’s.  The resort we stayed in had fantastic facilities including 12 pickleball courts, workshops for pottery, needlecraft, silversmith, glass art, electronics, lapidary, woodwork, plus all sorts of sport and a huge fitness centre.  We think this is a great way to retire-having so many things to do all within the safety of the resort and with a wonderful community feel.  It was odd though as while there are nearly 2 thousand homes within this community we saw hardly anyone, because once again we are out of season.  Most houses display the resident names on the front and where they are from-and most people are from Canada or the northern states of the USA, so they come to Mesa in their winter to escape the cold.  These resorts are like big retirement villages but they have over 80 activities a day in the US winter months including sport tournaments.  We didn’t see it but there is apparently a spectacular ballroom there too.

We explored Mesa for the 3 days that we were there.  It’s a very nice place.  We were a bit beaten back by the heat of the day again with temperatures over 100 deg.  We had a very nice neighbor, also in a Tiffin.  He was a pro golfer but had a stroke when he was 60 and was able to move only 1 finger.  He was told he would never walk or talk again but you can hardly tell there is anything wrong with him today, he’s off walking throughout the day and lives a normal life, we loved his determination.  As we were leaving I said goodbye to him and gave him my website address which brought up the subject of art.  Turns out he owns an art gallery in Florida which opens later this year.  Maybe something will come of that as he said he loves my work…


We have some friends back in NZ that have been looking for an RV to buy over here and asked us to look at one they were interested in.  We did but didn’t think much of it but then we spent some time looking at other RV sales yards (on line) nearby for what we thought they might like.  We spotted a couple of Tiffin’s in a sales yards about 10 miles from us and went to have a look.  One of the coach’s was very nice.  We spent a long time there as the sales chaps couldn’t get the coach to start up as the batteries were dead, but our friends saw enough photos and had enough information from us that they bought it, so we are hoping to see them after they arrive here in the US in July.  How exciting is that!!


We left this wonderful resort today and travelled North East to Sedona.