24/6/2017 Arriving in Australia on the Harleys

The bikes were shipped to Brisbane.  Once they had landed and were available to us at Morgan and Wacker’s Harley shop we flew over to pick them up.  Arriving in Brisbane is always a joy-a lovely city.  We decided to have 2 nights there so we were under no pressure to arrive and start our trip too soon.  After leaving the airport we took a taxi straight to the Land Transport Authority where we thought we were to collect our Queensland plates, but all we needed was a permit to ride here.  Sounds simple but the process took over an hour per bike.  Luckily Stuart had done his research and had all the documentation required.

We got to our hotel in Fortitude Valley and got organised to collect our bikes from the dealership.  We checked into our hotel and then walked to Morgan and Wacker.  Our riding gear was already on the bikes.  We had to wait a while, while they cleaned our bikes for us but soon they were ready for us to ride.  We got them to the hotel and secured them in the basement carpark.

The next day we walked around Brisbane taking in the riverside, botanical gardens and shopping area, but by lunch time we were done, so Stuart suggested we go for a ride and gas the bikes up and check air pressure etc-blokey stuff!  I was a bit nervous at the prospect of riding around Brisbane but once I was on the bike it was a piece of cake.  They road rules are the same as NZ and the signs etc are all clear to follow, besides, I get to follow Stuart!  We had to try three gas stations before we found one with a working air hose.  By then were both sweating from the 25 degree heat that we were still getting used to.  Anyway, got the bikes all set and back to the hotel to plan some journeys.  Next day we were riding to Caloundra, on the coast.