We spent 5 nights at an RV resort near New River north of Phoenix.  This is a place we enjoyed last year, it’s in the Sonoran Desert.  The Sonoran Desert is the only place where the Saguaro cactus grow, and I love being amongst them.

With a quick glance you can think there is nothing here in this desert, but it’s full of life if you take the time to look.  There are all types of cactus and many of the Saguaro and Barrel cactus were flowering which was lovely to see.


There are the typical desert snakes and spiders, although we didn’t see any, but also the Sonoran Tortoise, as big as a dinner plate, coyotes-didn’t see any but heard them.  We visited an information centre at a nearby lake with Dave, a friend of ours that we met last year, lots of people live part time or permanently at the RV park we are staying at and we got to know lots of them.


At the centre we saw a Gila lizard which are beautiful but venomous.  Eagles fly overhead and there are lots of fish in the lake.  It’s a wonderful place.  There are signs all over warning of the presence of donkeys, you can also see wild pigs called Javelinas that every one seems to dislikes, mountain lions, foxes, deer and sheep.


The lake has lots of boatees on it, and a rather over engineered boat ramp!


We left the RV park today and travelled north west about 250 miles to Lake Havasu.


On our journey we passed through Quartzsite.  This is a small town famous for RV boon docking (staying without being hooked up to any services).  Each year in January a big RV expo is held in this little desert town where sometimes over 1 million people arrive for the week long expo.  It must be something to see.  When we drove through it looked very sleepy.

After Quartzsite we left the Sonoran Desert and entered the Mojave Desert.  We soon met up with the Colorado river, originating in Granby Colorado,  has flowed through a dam at Parker, which is downriver by 155 miles from the Hoover dam.  The Parker dam created Lake Havasu.  The Colorado river flows down to Mexico.

This is a painting I did of a jackrabbit: