Another look at Key West then back north

The next day…Ok S went to key West on his own.  I stayed on the coach and painted and exercised, trying to get more flexion in my knee, I made some good progress.  S said that he saw a very nice aspect of Key West today, more upmarket suburbs with nice colonial houses.  From the photos, it looks more like the Key West I expected to see.  It’s great that he went back and did more exploring, and brought me some great photos!  He wasn’t gone for too long, Key West is only 8 sq miles.


We head off tomorrow to stay at the Miami Zoo!  Yes they have an RV park there.

We had a good but rather slow drive up from the Keys-it’s Friday so the traffic was a bit heavy.  The Miami zoo RV park was not as expected.  We chose where we stay by looking at reviews on various websites and this place got great reviews however it was more of a trailer park and it wasn’t near the zoo!!  We had some dogs tied up next door that barked all night-I felt safe enough but a bit tense and was glad to leave this morning.  The only nice thing about the park was all the live oaks, mango and lychee trees.

We decided that we would head back up north through the centre of Florida rather than take the coast road again.  The map shows that the interior of Florida is swamp, and after our drive today we can definitely confirm that it is!

Sawgrass grows out of the murky water, and that is all that can be seen to the horizon.  Very flat wet land.  Some areas have been cultivated for sugar cane, turf and mango orchards, otherwise not much else.

Aside from swamp, the interior of Florida has many lakes and vast canal systems that join them (freeways for gators!) Signs are ever present by the water’s edge warning of gators and not to feed them, I actually saw one today slightly submerged in the water at the side of the road. Gators and people for the most part seem to get along around here, apparently there’s lots of food for them (non human).  It’s seems to be a rich eco system throughout Florida-many wetland birds can be seen flying and wading, there’s lots of protected land and state parks.  Lots of people fishing, but it’s all catch and release.