A list of the videos I’ve made that are on Youtube…

Hello.  If you are interested in following this blog, there are videos on Youtube too.  If you go to Youtube and type Carolyn Judge you should see my name appear-it should look like this:


Click on my name and then select Videos’s and you will see all the videos.  Otherwise, all the links are below:

Taking delivery of the coach https://youtu.be/Se65GByVl9w

A walkthrough of the coach  https://youtu.be/gEAL6bibGV8

Our first drive of the coach  https://youtu.be/jOCm08cAC8g

Driving through Kansas  https://youtu.be/6amLyEFo98w

South Hutchinson, still driving through Kansas  https://youtu.be/qP01JWBiF6o

Kansas into Colorado  https://youtu.be/zjwT_JYqUkg

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs  https://youtu.be/A5CDLwZ9V9E

Staying at Basecamp in the mountains of Colorado  https://youtu.be/FXHQQ7S8JGo

A walk around BlackHawk, Colorado  https://youtu.be/_UhPBCGLrLQ

A walk around Coldsprings, Arapaho Forest, Colorado  https://youtu.be/aKqpK4xw3dg

Driving from Coldsprings to Grand Lake  https://youtu.be/FE1AbgadLWY

Riding a Razor in St Anthony, Idaho  https://youtu.be/8ASxpaO2m5E

Driving through Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado  https://youtu.be/-qcYl3stWDY

Driving from Grand Lake to Steamboat Springs Colorado  https://youtu.be/7N740TIHmWk