3/8/2017 A day in Port Macquarie

We had a day off today. We went out for a lovely breakfast and had a few errands to run, then we went off for a walk. There is a lighthouse 9K’s away so we made that our goal. We walked along a lovely coastal track which occasionally goes down onto the beach, then back on the track which winds over the headlands, always running along the coast with great views of the big waves rolling in.

We had lunch at the lighthouse. It was built in 1879 and still looks in very good condition.   The old ruins of the original cottage can be seen. It was accepted that some men that managed the lighthouses might have wives and so cottages were built for couples. They were permitted a chair for sitting upright, but were not permitted a lounger to relax on!-silly pompous buggers.

Where the lighthouse stands would have been extremely remote right up until the 1960’s so it must have been a lonely existence. The lighthouse keepers job was to ensure there was enough oil to keep the light burning at all cost! This would have been a busy port-it housed one of the biggest penal colonies, 2nd only to Sydney.

After lunch we walked back along the track. It was good to do an 18K walk after no exercise at all yesterday. When we got back we had a well deserved beer, but then we have one every day whether we deserve it or not!!