30/07/2017 Sydney

We had a good ride into Sydney. The weather was good and apart from one glitch with the Garman navigation was good. The traffic was heavy and it moves very fast so lane changing has to be done very carefully. Stuart used to live in Chatswood and so knows this area quite well. Once we were in the vicinity he knew where to go. I’m so lucky to be able to follow someone that is so good with navigation. Coming into a big city on my own would be very daunting and having no sense of direction at all, I would be sure to get lost which would be a major drama on the bike.

The apartment we are staying in is very well located in Chatswood. Only a block from where Stuart used to live. We are just across the road from one of the two shopping centres here. We have been into one, which is the biggest I think I’ve ever been in-it’s about 6 levels high and covers many blocks of land.

We have an apartment on the top floor and look out over the suburbs which look very much like the Surrey suburbs of London with tree lined streets, red brick houses with red tiled roofs.

We are here for a few days so that afternoon we headed out for some food shopping. Whether you shop at Coles or Woolworths, the grocery prices are considerably cheaper here than NZ-in fact the price differences are hard to believe.

Yesterday was a day off from riding. We caught the train into Central Sydney. We are 10 mins from the train station here in Chatswood and 6 stops into the city. All very easy.

We wandered all over the city. What a great place. Definitely one of my favorite city’s to explore. With the botanical gardens, harbour, bridge, opera house, historical buildings and sunny skies it’s hard to beat. We walked all around the harbour from Farm Cove where the Opera House is to Wooloomooloo and then back again and through the city. It was a good long walk and the day was hot and sunny.

There was a free flower show on in the gardens which was very nice.  They had build this huge wall of flowers.

Back on the train to Chatswood, had dinner and then out to the movies to see Dunkirk. It was a good movie with some great effects.

Today Stuart thought we should ride into central Sydney for a photo of the bikes by the Opera House. He had thought of the place where we would ride to. I was a bit daunted with the prospect of this ride and we are supposed to be having a break from riding, but given that it’s Sunday and light traffic, and a good sunny day I was up for it. As I was riding over the Harbour bridge I was so pleased to be doing it. It was quite a buzz to ride over the bridge and into the city. We rode to the opera house and asked the security guy there if we could quickly stop for the photo-he said no but husband got his camera out anyway. The guy relaxed and took a shot of us together. That was great.

I think Sydney is on high alert after the terrorist issue yesterday. It’s understandable they are suspicious of people around these landmarks.

Afterwards we rode out to Watsons Bay and had a lovely lunch at Doyles Seafood restaurant.

Tomorrow we need to have the bikes serviced which means a ride through the central city in Monday morning rush hour and it’s forecasted to be raining-not looking forward to that!!