29/07/2017 Gladstone to Yeppoon

We enjoyed our stay in Gladstone and managed to get some good walking in, all around the waterfront and through the parks.  Unlike any other town we’ve stayed in so far, it was hilly too so that was a good workout.  We are trying hard to walk before we ride, or after, or both as sitting on a Harley all day requires no pedal power.  Ever wondered why so many bikers are fat buggers!

Anyway, on our ride to Yeppoon we rode through Rockhampton.  I had stayed there before 25 years ago as it’s the port for getting out to Great Keppel Island where I stayed for a while.  I didn’t recognise any of it this time as we rode through.  It’s a historic town with some lovely colonial buildings.  This was one of our hottest days and sitting at junctions waiting for lights to go green in 25+ deg heat, plus the heat of the bike engine was too much for us and in the end we got back on the road.  We are riding through market gardens today-mango trees, strawberry fields, macadamia nut trees, and these plantations are big operations-they go to the horizon!

We had a good ride to Yeppoon, a place we had stayed at before.  We wanted to spend two nights as we have been on the road for a few days now, getting up early and packing/unpacking the bikes each day.  We also liked the idea of home cooking for a couple of days.  We stayed in an apartment on the beach which even had a washing machine and dryer!

On our day off in Yeppoon we had a walk and then I wanted to spend time working on my article for the Australian Artist magazine.  I finally got it finished and in the mail!

We had a nice view from our apartment