2/8/2017 Hunter Valley to Port Macquarie

The breakfast where we stayed last night was $32 each-very expensive so we decided to go to one of the nearby vineyards. The closest one had nothing open so we walked back to our room and got on the bikes and road to Pokolbin village where one café was open.   I ordered a simple breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon and it was the most dreadful breakfast I’ve ever had. If a chef can’t scramble eggs they should change to a different profession. We have found that when we are in small town Australia a lot of places are closed, or choices are few for food and accommodation. I guess you would encounter that a lot once you head off the east coast.

Last evening we went for a stroll to explore and saw some kangeroos, which was a treat.

We had some winding rural roads out of the Hunter Valley. The going was slow in places with bone shaker roads. We can’t believe how bad the rural roads are here-especially in the area we rode today-a road called Bucket’s Way. You can’t take a corner with confidence incase there’s a huge pot hole in the way. By the time we stopped for lunch we had been on the road for 2.5 hours and had only covered about 180K’s and still had 200K’s to ride.

A lot of the riding today was a back track from our ride into Sydney from Newcastle. There was one section of road that was particularly poor that we decided to avoid all together and ended up getting on the main highway, which is very well maintained and flows at 110Kph.

We came into Port Macquarie along a new area of road and followed the coast, which was very nice. It’s a rugged piece of coast with wind sculptured trees just like on our west coast.

We finally arrived into the Port around 3:30, both feeling quite tired from the long ride and the intense concentration needed. We are here for 2 nights because the weather has been showing rain for tomorrow, but husband just checked and the rain is coming in late-Fri morning now. Still, we are happy to rest up here and get a big walk in tomorrow.