28/07/2017 Newcastle to Sydney

We had lots of cafes to choose from this morning in Newcastle. We went to a café called Monkey’s and I had the most fabulous breakfast of our whole trip. Once I was able to move, we returned to our hotel to pack for our ride to Sydney. I enjoyed Newcastle. It looks a bit like the UK in places, terraced housing and old architecture, but mostly it looks like Australia. For a heavy industry city, like Gladstone, it’s very well presented. I guess I compare these places to similar cities in the UK, but here you have good weather, palm trees and a beautiful coast.

Husband did very well to navigate us out of Newcastle and soon we were on our way. We rode through small towns that were all based on coal mining. There were many coal mines. We rode through the Yengo National Park and the Parr state conservation area. He then had us riding through the Hunter Valley, and onto Putty Road for a winding hilly experience. It was great riding. The Hunter Valley is about vineyards. They are plentiful and many and very nicely presented. We stopped along the way at the Blue Gum café, which is like a bikers café. There were many bikes on the road today (Friday) and they were mostly fast racing type bikes, not like us, plodding along on our Harleys at a mere 110K’s.

Once through Windsor we were on our way into Sydney. The approach into Sydney was a bit intimidating on a bike. The cars travel faster and more efficiently here than Auckland, lots of big trucks, so lane changing etc has to be very well done-lots of looking and checking.

We had decided to stay in Chatswood. Accommodation in central Sydney is super expensive and it wasn’t really necessary for us. Chatswood is only 4 stops out of Sydney on the train, that takes you all the way into Circular Quay.  We are in a Quest apartment which is very nice. It has a full kitchen and laundry and we are on the top floor which looks out over Chatswood. Stuart can almost see where he used to live. There’s a great shopping centre just outside.

We were going to stay here for 3 nights, but we need to get the bikes serviced as we have ridden 7300K’s here now. The Harley shop can service them on Monday, so we need the extra night. Tomorrow we will head into central Sydney for an explore-we both love this city.

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