26/6/2017 Caloundra to Dalby

The ride out of Caloundra was great-hilly and windy.  We rode Northwest towards the Main Divide and enjoyed the ride over the hills.  On one of the windy areas there was a roadworks sign with an 80km sign.  We started slowing down from about 110, went around a corner and there’s a man holding a stop sign-we both had to pull the bikes up really hard which is not easy when they weigh 450KG plus all our luggage.  This guy stood his ground as we both came to stop pretty much at his feet-he said drily, ‘that was impressive’ meaning our stop.  We got stuck into him about needing a bit more notice but he tuned out pretty quickly.

The Main Divide is the place to ride.  Forest up to the road sides, bends and good speed.  This day was about a 5 hour ride.  We stopped at Blackbutt for lunch where we stared a few jokes!

On the western side of the Main Divide we got into some flat land.  It’s only at that point I started to get a feel for how vast this land is.  Just about all the way out to Dalby was farming land-mostly sugar cane but flat to the horizon.  At times we were riding on a single strip of tar seal.  Vehicles coming towards us get off the road which is good because the drop off the seal is a few inches with gravel.

Dalby is a hub for vehicles travelling into the interior.  We made sure we didn’t stay on the main highway, but even so we heard the big trucks rumbling through town all night.  We rode out to Dalby because it positioned us well for crossing back over the Main Divide on our way to Hervey Bay.

Looks like we both forgot to get our camera’s out for Dalby so no photos to share!  I have been capturing the trip on the GoPro, but haven’t had a chance to do any production work on the footage yet.