25/6/2017 Brisbane to Caloundra

The ride to Caloundra was great.  It was our intention to stay off the main highways and to ride only on the smaller back roads.  The one we planned to Caloundra took in the hinterland out the back of Brisbane around lake Wivenhoe.

This lake is formed by a dam that was installed after 3 floods in 100 years, the most recent in 1974 wiped out downtown Brisbane.  The City of Brisbane sites on a tidal river, and with heavy rain there was no way of controlling the river rising.  When we walked around the park in Brisbane there was a monument to the floods-in 1974 there was 64 cm of rain in 36 hours and the flood waters peaked at 6.6 meters on the high tide.  Hard to believe how much of brisbane would have gone under water.

Lake Wivenhoe is a 2 hour drive into the country for the city dwellers.  Its a popular picnic spot, very picturesque.  This drive is on windy roads which makes for great biking.  We enjoyed that ride, along with probably a 100 other bikes that day, many of them Harley’s.  We lunched at the lake and then on the road again.

Sticking to the back roads we rode on through small towns.  Already, even this close to Brisbane we are seeing quite small wallabies dead on the side of the road.  We need to ride aware that they may jump out, but there’s only so much planning you can do…

After about 4 hours of riding we arrived at Caloundra on the coast.  A lovely place to visit.