25/07/2017 Armidale to Port Macquarie

We woke to a very cold morning in Armidale. It was forecasted to be -3 overnight but was -6 with a visible white frost over everything. We had put covers over our bikes. We walked into town for breakfast on icy paths but the skies were blue and before long the sun had warmed the day up. We lingered for as long as we could but by 9:30 we were on the road feeling confident that the ice would have melted.

We rode out to Walcha and had a cup of tea to warm up, it was cold riding, but today we were better prepared for it with our woolly layers on.

Long straight roads to start with which was good. After an hour or so of riding over Mckenzie type country we started the long winding road down off the tablelands. It’s a 1000 meters above sea level so a long and windy road.   We took it slow as the drop off on the left was substantial. The road was reasonably free of cars so we had a great ride down. Once off the Alpine level the flora resembled NZ with Nikau palms and Ponga ferns along the way. We stopped almost at the bottom for lunch. We pulled into a layby that had the loveliest view and was full of monarch butterflies. It was peaceful and warm and one of the nicest lunch stops we have made on the whole trip.

Not far to ride, about 80k’s to Port Macquarie. A nice ride into the port. We are staying here for 2 nights at a surf side villa. I had a vision of sand outside the front door but we are across the road and down the hill from the beach. The beach is actually largely inaccessible from the town. Still it’s a nice place to stay and relax for 2 nights. We are both tired.