23/07/2017 Lismore to Coffs Harbour

It wasn’t easy to find a place for breakfast in Lismore this morning (Sunday). We found one place but they could only make toast, no eggs. The other place was very busy, so it was obviously the place to be. We had great coffee and food. I was surprised at how friendly the people were. Two separate groups of people came over to tell us how they love the bikes and wanted to know where we had been and where we were heading. Such nice people here.

The road out of Lismore to Grafton was very dull with lots of roadworks. It turned out this was not the road we had programmed into the Garmin, but it decided to take us that way anyway. Very frustrating.

After Grafton we got on a very good (planned) road, still full of pot holes but the scenery was very nice. We followed the Clarence River and rode through hilly farm land. Just as we were starting to get hungry we rode past a café that had signs out for home baked scones, pots of tea etc. We pulled in and made an order for scones-they had none, in fact they pretty much had nothing. We ended up with a pretty second rate unhealthy lunch, banana bread and a berry milkshake (I asked for a banana milkshake but they didn’t have any of those either.

Anyway, back on the road for some good riding into Coffs Harbour. We’ve been here before but I don’t recognize any of it. We are staying at a resort which is very large and cheap! It’s a little run down but they are doing it up. Our room is very nice with an ocean view, we are on the top floor. We can hear the surf pounding out there. We had a walk on the beach when we arrived. Dinner here is a bit limited on a Sunday, we both had burger and chips. I’m really needing to go on a diet even though I didn’t eat my chips!

These waves are really big surfing waves!

Off to Armidale tomorrow-(Sam I remember you saying how much you liked it there)!