21/07/2017 Brisbane to Coolangatta

We enjoyed our day off from riding in Brisbane. We enjoyed a bit of a sleep in and a lazy morning making our own breakfast and getting a coffee from Mrs Tuppy’s store downstairs just across from the apartment block. She’s an old Chinese lady and makes a fine coffee. I asked for two big coffee’s, each with an extra shot. This seemed to offend her-you sure you wan an ex sha? I make werry go coffee, no ex sha needed. She was right. This morning I ordered another two and told her the coffee’s were very good yesterday she said, they be jus same today-as if I was stupid!

It was a great apartment and good value for money. We got all our laundry done and ate some good homemade food.

We walked into the city as I had a dental appointment at lunch time. I had a gum irritation that Husband thought may be an abscess which might need a root canal, but I got the all clear which was a great relief in terms of pain, time and money.


We stayed just by Storey Bridge to the right in both photos.


There has been such a cold wind blowing since we left Noosa, and it’s pretty cold here in Coolangatta. Clear blue skies but everyone is wearing their winter woollies. Husband says it starts south of Invercargill. We are reading about how cold and wintry it is in NZ. Timaru and Dunedin in particular.

On the road again this morning, a short ride to Coolangatta.

We are here because there are some good roads out over the hinterland from here. The traffic flowing south out of Brisbane was very congested.   I thought the traffic on Auckland’s motorways north and south flows poorly, but this is no better, admittedly it’s Friday. We tried different roads just to find them all with heavy traffic. That makes for a lot of clutch work on the bike which gets to be hard work for my little hand after a while. Still we both managed well enough. Husband is very good at navigating his way around unfamiliar roads.

It’s not cheap to stay in these touristy places on the coast. We are only here in Coolangatta for a night to position ourselves for a ride tomorrow so what’s the point of spending lots of money. We are in a 3 star tonight and its rather 3 star! We just pulled the curtains and they only reach 2/3 of the way across the window! It’s very basic but we don’t mind 3 star once in a while. We prefer a 4 star motel, where we can park our bikes outside the room, but there are no motels here on the coast.

We have just been out for dinner. It’s very cold now that the sun has disappeared-11 deg, same as Auckland. I’m thinking about the 27 deg we had in Port Douglas, and sharing the place with the pythons doesn’t seem so bad…!