2019 USA trip-Arriving

Blog 1 of May 16th2019

We caught a 7pm flight to Houston Texas.  The flight left on time, had a great meal and then we both pretty much slept until 3 hours before landing.  We spent a night at the Marriot at the airport which is just a short subway ride away and had another good sleep.  We woke on Tues morning ready to catch our flight to Atlanta, Georgia. Only 1 hr 30 mins, and equally uneventful which is good.  

Once we arrived at the airport we couldn’t Uber as we had no data on our phones, so we had to catch a cab to Lawrenceville where the coach is stored.  We hit rush hour traffic and had a pretty rubbish driver so it took ages.  We arrived at National Indoor at 4:45pm Mon 14thMay.

The coach was out and ready for us, but a few jobs still needed to be completed.  We had left the coach last year in the hands of National Indoor to fix our warranty list of issues on behalf of Tiffin, which was all agreed.  Unfortunately, we were saddled with a bit of a nincompoop that managed things (poorly) while we were away. We were not surprised to find upon arriving back here that he had been fired!

We still had about 6 issues still be finished which meant staying here a few day, which gave us an opportunity to settle in.

Unfortunately, on our first night here after a very busy day and while feeling tired I took a heavy step up onto the coach laden with groceries and felt my knee tear.  The pain was unbelievable.   

My lack of mobility now means lots of extra work for Stuart which I feel bad about.  We had a busy day yesterday so I insisted he dropped me at the supermarket while he went off to get other things done.  I thought I could manage but whilst in the middle of the tomato section, I realised I couldn’t go any further.  I asked a nice chap filling the shelves to get me an electric cart, which he had to drive to me-very uncool, poor chap!  Still it was a life saver for me.  I continued on at tortoise speed but reasonably comfortably!  Whilst in the supermarket I must have had 5 people ask me what I had done to my knee.  One lady was so sorry for me she insisted I take her number and call her for any help she could offer.  How kind and friendly people here are.  4 people in the supermarket diagnosed a torn meniscus.  We read up on it and they might be right!

Anyway, as of today, Thurs, all work on the coach is complete.  Stuart had to get his rocket machine out and stick it up some ‘processes’ here, but we are ready to head off tomorrow, south towards Florida.