19/07/2017 Noosa to Brisbane

Got the Gladstone to Yeppoon video uploaded if you want to see it…:


We had an early start from Noosa. Had a fabulous breakfast at a French bakery that made the best coffee! Then on the road to Brisbane. Stuart had spent time mapping out a convoluted journey on backroads so we could have a fun ride, but the Garmin let him down early on and in the end we just got on the M3 and rode directly here.

There’s a lot of motorway to ride coming into Brisbane from the North. The traffic is much like NZ-slow buggers in the fast lane holding everyone up and big trucks to contend with. The ride was a hard one as there was a very strong, cold southerly wind blowing right at us. It was hard to hold my head up, I find in that situation it’s easier to lean over the tank, it seems to break the full blast of wind.

Coming into Brisbane was a bit stressful. The roads are faster here. The Garmin has a small screen and with the sun shining on it its’ hard for Stuart to make out which lane etc we should be in. All the while he needs to watch the cars in front of him and watch out for red lights. Far less stressful for me, but I have to make sure I’m close enough that I can get through a green light with him as he often can’t pull over for me, but not so close that if he has to suddenly change lanes I can too.

We are staying at Kangeroo Point which is in South Brisbane but still pretty central. We are staying in an apartment so we can self cater. We got here just after lunch so we walked into town. 10K’s later we are back with groceries and a beer or two to enjoy on the deck. Not too long before the southerly drives us inside.

So nice to be back here and to know we have safely ridden all the way to Cooktown and back. About 5500 Ks.

A lazy day tomorrow.

View from our apartment

Yes another beer-I’m back the gym on our return!!