18th June, Rocky Mountain High, in Colorado

We left the RV park at Colorado Heights this morning.  We had made some friends there, Cory and Cheri.  A delightful couple that we just loved.  We had drinks with them on two nights and it seems we have known them forever.  Here I am below sitting with them as we look over a map to discuss where we are heading.  They think we have a great trip ahead.

Pulling out of the RV park and then filling up with gas was pretty painless, then on the road to Basecamp.

We had the route carefully entered in the Garmin as there are some routes up to here that you don’t want to take in an RV.  We took the route that we reconnoitered a week ago.  We also checked with Cory and Cheri that we were taking a sensible road up here, they thought so but seemed puzzled why we would come all this way for a few nights.  I guess the mountains aren’t for everyone, still I thought we would do some hiking in the hills here.  It was sad to say good bye to Cory and Cheri, I hope we see them again.

The RV park we were staying at was at 6000 ft.  Our drive up here today has taken us to 9200 feet.  The drive was lots of 35mile corners, vast drop-offs on the right, very heavy rain and flooded roads.  We had to go through some tunnels that we knew were high enough, but as Stuart drove through them my toes curled over backwards to touch the top of my feet-I found the journey quite scary but Stuart loved it and drove it so well, like he’d done it a hundred times before.  The coach performed really well.

When we got here we got set up and went for a walk.  We are up amongst what would be ski destinations in the winter.  At this time of year it’s just crazy people in RV’s.  There are wild flowers all over and birch and fir trees over the hills.  Very picturesque.  The rain stopped for us to have an explore on foot, since about 2pm it’s been raining hard but it’s cool and so nice compared to where we’ve been.  Colorado Springs is so dry.

We are up here for 5 nights before heading down this mountain and up another.  Cellph signal is very poor to non existent.  I’m going to see if there is any horse riding up here and if not I will head out somewhere and sit and paint the beautiful scene-I’ve not done any painting since we got to the US.  The forecast for everyday is to be just like today, lovely mornings, wet afternoons with thunder and lightning, so we need to get up and get going to fit in all we want to do.

We should see Elk, moose, deer and maybe mountain lions, bobcats and bears up here.  When we went walking this afternoon I was looking for anything moving and really hoping to see something-saw nothing except birds.  I would actually love to see one of those animals as long as they are not too hungry.

Tomorrow we will head out for a walk in the Golden Gate Canyon state park.

The basecamp video that relates to this blog is on my youtube channel, Carolyn Judge, or use this link: