18/07/2017 Hervey Bay to Noosa

A nice breakfast in Hervey Bay. We are now in sub tropical weather and no longer parallel to the reef-we are now on the Fraser Coast. Hervey Bay is a place where the humpback whales stop to frolic on their way from the Pacific to Antarctica and lots of the tourism is based on whale watching. Hervey Bay is otherwise a quiet town with an average age of 42, 10 years older than any other town, in other words, quite a few oldies here.

We had few hours of riding and on the 2nd half of the ride Stuart had us riding on windy country roads that he had found and mapped out. From this point heading south we are hoping the riding will improve-we knew that by going north the roads would be a bit dull but we wanted to ride up there anyway. New South Wales should be a great riding area.

We stopped in a very nice little lunch spot called Kin Kin which was very much like NZ farming country-it reminded me of the Coromandel. Then we rode through some pine forested roads until we arrived at Noosa.

We were here reasonably early so we went for a decent walk. Noosa is a lovely place but there are so many people here. We both prefer a quieter place with less people. However on our walk we saw some people looking up at a tree. I asked what they were looking at, and it was a Koala! It wasn’t very easy to see but certainly nice to see. Australia has so much wildlife!

A beer as reward for our walk and later to dinner-it’s noticeably more expensive here than lots of other places we’ve been too. Off to Brisbane tomorrow for 2 nights.

The beach at Noosa:

The Koala was in this tree, but now I can’t remember where…