17/07/2017 Agnes Water to Hervey Bay

We rode out to 1770 for breakfast which was acceptable…At 10ish we got on the road for Hervey Bay. We were on woodland roads today which is a welcome change from the A1 which I think we are both all done with for now. Having heard there are hundreds of kangeroos on the 60k’s out from 1770/Agnes water we took it easy. I’m not sure how well we would fare with a big red leaping out of the wood into our path but you cant ride for that risk, you just have to look logically at the reported cases of motorcyclists killed by leaping kangeroos-there are none. We did see them resting/sleeping in the fields though-they are there, but they are nocturnal, luckily.

We were both tired on our ride today after a fairly poor sleep. I’m now feeling at one with my bike so I can kind of ride on automatic pilot. I’ve come a long way since the bike arrived in March and I was scared to ride it-now I’ve covered 13,000 k’s on it.

The bikes have been wonderful on this trip. We have so much luggage space that we can carry our lunch, all sorts of spares, and we are carrying warm clothes that we haven’t worn yet for when we get further south. Mechanically they have been perfect-thoroughly reliable, and everywhere we go people admire the bikes and want photos of them-they are a couple of head turners!

We rode through Bundaberg, the sugar processing, rum making capital and onto Hervey Bay. The last leg of the journey was riding through hundreds of acres of macadamia nut trees, strawberry fields and pineapple plantations.

We arrived in Hervey Bay at 1pm, checked in and went off walking. Last time we were here we stayed in the touristy area of the bay that I’m not overly keen on, this time we are at the other end called Orangan, its more residential which is much nicer.  Hervey Bay is quite a big place with about 50,000 people.  Tourism is centered around whale watching.  The humpbacks come to the bay on their migration to Antarctica.  They stay and play and regain energy before moving on.  In 2005 a survey showed 7000 whales passing through.

Its noticeably cooler here-21 deg in Hervey Bay today but still a nice temperature. Off to Noosa Heads tomorrow.