16th June, Still at Colorado Springs, but getting ready to move on

This is where we are currently parked:

Since we left Pontiac this is the longest we have stayed in one place.  It’s Fri evening now and we are leaving this area on Sunday morning.  It’s been relaxing to stay for a while.  We’ve achieved a few jobs in the time we’ve been here.  We needed to get the plates for the coach and the car.  They had to come from our lawyers in Montana.  Lots of paperwork and beauacracy, but we finally got them and Stuart attached them yesterday.  Our temporary plates had expired so good to have them before we head off into the mountains.

These are some shots of the inside of the coach that Stuart took:

I had a few things I needed to buy, so yesterday I drove 15 miles towards Colorado Springs to a place called Briargate.  This is something I wouldn’t think twice about in Auckland, but here it means 15 miles on the freeway at 75mph (120kph), but everyone here drives very fast.  Then of course I’m not sure where I’m going.  Anyway, I did ok but I need lots more driving experience.  Stuart stayed behind and did some repairs on the coach.  The hinges on the cargo doors had worked loose so he replaced them.

We’ve spent time each day walking around the RV park.  I’m still trying to get my fitness back but the air here makes me cough.  We had drinks with a couple today and they said there are a couple of big fires nearby and the pollution from them lingers in this area because of the mountains-so that might be why…

Over this last week we’ve been getting to learn more about the coach, how to use the navigation system more efficiently and organizing the coach inside and out.

We’ve been doing some more planning.  -this is me planning

We are going to head north west eventually as far north as Yellowstone National Park, and then we’ll turn west.  On the way we will go through the top of Utah apparently, it’s very nice there.

I posted a couple of short video’s on youtube today if you are interested in seeing the coach.  I’ll post a couple of others in the next day or two.  Use this link if you want to have a look-the USA ones should be at the top of the list.  If the link doesn’t work, just go to you tube and type Carolyn Judge into the search field.