15/07/2017 Mackay to Rockhampton

We enjoyed a complementary breakfast at the motel in Mackay, then on the road down the A1 to Rockhampton.  This is one of the more boring rides-the scenery changes from sugar cane to cattle farming.  The animal used for beef here in Queensland is mostly the Brahman-originally from India the cattle are resistant to drought and ticks.

The ride was about 320k’s and took us about 4 hours-we pulled over at one point to let heavy rain go through.

South of Mackay the temperature changes from Tropical to sub Tropical, and the temperature change here in Rockhampton is noticeable.

Lunch in a travellers lay-by.

However it’s a nice temperature with less humidity.  Its sunny for 300 days a year at this latitude.

The city is on the Fitzroy river and the river bank is lined with some historic buildings.




We are staying in a hotel one the river bank and enjoyed a bottle of bubbles watching the river go by and listening to the birds squawk as they find their branch for the night.

We head off again in the morning to Agnes Water.