14/07/2017 Airlie Beach to Mackay

Despite this being a pricey night for us, we both had a pretty poor sleep. We had breakfast at the B and B and then into town for coffee.

Our B and B above and the view from our room.

Having a refreshing beer yesterday!

Back on the road to Mackay 2 hours away. The cyclone damage was evident for most of the ride to Mackay. During Cyclone Debbie, Mackay, Propserine and Airlie Beach were all evacuated as a 2 meter tidal surge was expected. This is the same weather system that hit NZ and dropped so much rain that the Edgecumbe river burst its banks.

A pretty easy ride to Mackay. We stopped at a rest area for a break and I spotted a Ulysses butterfly. I’ve been wanting to photograph one so I chased after it with my phone camera. No luck, just got pretty sweaty. They are the most outstanding butterfly I’ve ever seen-they are huge, bright blue and shimmer in the sunlight.

We got to Mackay just after midday and had our lunch in the park. The temperature remains pretty static on 27 deg which we are both really enjoying-we are reading the paper and seeing how cold and wintery it is in NZ.