12/07/2017 Port Douglas to Townsville

We left early this morning after making our breakfast. We headed to the beach area for a coffee then on the road by about 8:30. We knew today was going to be a hard ride. It’s a beautiful road between Port Douglas and Cairns but even though its’ an open road, people drive it very slowly. It’s a bit windy and hard to pass people. Then it’s a big bypass around Cairns before getting on the A1. Lots of road works, a bit of rain and heavy traffic including big trucks to contend with too!

An area we rode through is called the Murray Flats.  It runs parallel on the western side of Innisfail-the wettest city in Australia.  The road is a notorious stretch of the A1 for being wet, which it was, and often flooded.  They have done, and continue to do a major upgrade to the road.  Before the upgrade, apparently flooding would cause it be be closed for 3-4 days at a time, and its’ the only way north on the eastern route.

After about 2 hours of riding the traffic thinned out a bit. We stopped in a rest area for lunch-all down this coast there are Croc warning signs, and our lunch stop was by a small river so we had one eye in that direction.

The ride in to Townville was uneventful, which is what you want. We arrived just before 3 and both felt too tired to go for a walk, we just made it as far as the pub for a beer!

Off to Airlee beach tomorrow. Another big ride and maybe wet again. The temperature drops as we head south, and the flora has distinctly changed too.  Now we’re into gum trees and sugar cane again, no longer the towering exotic tropical trees covered in thick dense vines and creepers of Port Douglas-it’s very jungle like up there, and there’s a charm about being in a town that has mango and coconut trees growing in the main street.