11/07/2017 A day in Port Douglas

We found an apartment that was quiet in Port Douglas this time. We are spending two more nights here because it’s supposed to be wet, but it is in fact dry and sunny. The apartment we are renting has a full kitchen so we bought food to make our own breakfast again. I made an appointment to get my hair cut. The hairdresser has been living in Port Douglas for 18 months but she doesn’t seem very happy. She said that rent, rates and the cost of living is very expensive there. She said she works very hard but can’t get ahead. It’s a very seasonal place too which must make it hard. Apparently there’s really no tourists here between Xmas and Easter because it’s just too hot.

I asked her if she swims in the sea, or whether she is bothered by the crocodiles. She said in all the time she’s lived there she has never been in the sea and never will. She said not long ago a 5 meter croc was spotted in the sea, and she has heard of 2 dogs being taken off the beach recently by crocs. I asked her why so many people swim there, and she thinks it’s just ignorance. Some people swim so others think it’s safe. She said the risks are down played so the tourists are not frightened off. It was interesting to get a locals perspective. She doesn’t mind the snakes but can’t get used to the spiders.

After that I met with Honey and we went for a walk.

A slow lazy day-we planned some more of our journey and are packed ready to leave early in the morning.