10/07/2017 Mossman to Port Douglas

The journey from Mossman to Port Douglas is only about 20 minutes.  Our logic for staying in Port Douglas again is that it’s supposed to be raining and we were going to sit out two wet days here-it is however about 27 deg with clear blue skies.  Now that the majority of kids have gone back to school we will try to not book so far out.  Still, we are not complaining of spending more time here-it’s really lovely.

On our ride over from Mossman this morning we saw a snake on the side of the road with a couple of people looking at it.  It was pretty big.

When we arrived here at our motel I told the proprietor we had just seen one.  He asked what colour it was and said it would have been python.  Crikey!  He said they are harmless and they had one in the tree -and he pointed up to where we standing- a few years ago.  I asked what happened to it, thinking a ranger probably came along and took it to the bush far away, but he said, oh it just went off on its way!  I have to say, I’m a little jumpy here.  I thought I would not be an ignorant fool and so earlier I researched snakes and spiders of northern Queensland-I wanted to be informed.  However, it seems there are soooo many and most of them are venomous that I stopped reading.  The proprietor said there are a number of pythons in the bush behind the apartments here, but if they come over here its only to warm up on the road.  He said they wouldn’t bother me but would eat a cat given the chance!

Anyway, I’m going to be brave-Stuart is not bothered by this nonsense and so neither will I be.

So a slow couple of days here in Port Douglas but on Tues we ride down to Townsville-a 5 hour ride.