09/08/2017 Byron Bay to Broadbeach

We had a lazy day in Byron Bay. Such a nice place, it’s got a vibe all of its own. Good weather and a nice hotel, it was a relaxing break. On our day off we walked up to the lighthouse. It was a harder walk than I remembered, or perhaps it’s just that I’m older! The lighthouse was built in 1901 and really is a fine example of great architecture. This is Australia’s eastern most point.

We spent a while up on the hill just watching the whales frolicking. They are moving south with their babies but stay around the region to mate so they can give birth in the warm pacific waters the following year. The mother is constantly on the move either pregnant or with a baby. The male sticks around for about 3 days after mating-charming!

In the evening we went out for a lovely meal and enjoyed seeing the full orange coloured moon rise over the sea. The sea was as flat as a pancake which is funny considering this is a surfie town.


Today we rode to Broadbeach. It’s not a very long journey so we thought we would go the longer way but the back roads behind Byron Bay are narrow down to one lane and full of big pot holes. The going was too slow and treacherous so we got on the highway.

Mum and Dad are staying in Broadbeach so we are now staying with them and will stay for 3 nights. We fly home on Sunday.