07/08/2017 Coffs Harbour to Byron Bay

We had a lovely day off from riding in Coffs Harbour. The harbour is similar to Hervey Bay, Byron Bay, Port Macquarie-they all look alike with a similar layout. When we were at Coffs Harbour a few years ago the winds had whipped the sea up and a huge swell was rolling in. This time the place felt different-we had great weather-no wind and a calm sea.

We walked along the sea front to the marina which joins up to Mutton Bird Island. We walked over the island and looked out to see. I was looking for whales and dolphins and within 5 minutes saw both.

Buying a naughty french pastry at Dorrigo-great cafe!


Whale watching

The weather is really great over here-24-26 deg during the day. Such a contrast to being up at Armidale on the Northern Tablelands where it was less than half that temperature with a wild wind blowing.

At Coffs Harbour, on this visit we were staying in an apartment very close the beach. It was a 3 star apartment-very spacious and had all we needed, kitchen, laundry and 3 double bedrooms! But it was poorly furnished and didn’t have a homely comfortable feel-that was the 3 star bit! However, sitting in the lounge we had a great view out to sea and could hear the waves breaking on the beach. Looking further out we could see the plumes from the whales and the mighty splashes as they breach. We saw a huge amount of whale activity.

On the road today we had a 4 hour ride to Byron Bay. We rode out towards Grafton, but skirted around it as it’s full of roadworks. Then towards Lismore which again we skirted around-so many trucks rumbling through there-lots of pine forests in this region so lots of big logging trucks.


From Lismore it was only a small ride onto Byron Bay. We have stayed here a few times before and it’s one of my favorite places on the east coast-there’s a bustling friendly vibe here.

The beach at Byron Bay

Tomorrow we are walking up to the lighthouse and then relaxing in the 26 deg heat. This time next week we will probably be heading home.