04/08/2017 Port Macquarie to Armidale

We rode out of Port Macquarie this morning after a super breakfast and coffee. We basically had a backtrack day today up to Armidale. It’s one of the best and most technical roads we’ve done on this whole trip-climbing up a winding hill, lots of 25Km corners, 1000 meters up on to the tablelands.

At the bottom of the hill, on pretty much the first corner I lost sight of husband and didn’t see him until near the top where he had been waiting-quite a while. He rode up fast and efficiently, I rode up cautiously and fairly slowly-I should have had what he had for breakfast!

Some days you can really get in the groove of the bikes, and some days not. Today I wasn’t in the groove. Still I really enjoyed the ride.

At the top it was freezing, almost literally. There was a very strong wind blowing side on and it was so cold we stopped to put warmer gear on. Should be 2 deg tonight but if feels colder because of the wind.

Tomorrow we ride off the tablelands into Coffs Harbour, so it’s down the big hill.