02/07/2017 Mackay to Townsville

We walked into town for breakfast which took a while-town was a 20 min walk away.  The sky was grey and threatened rain, but was warm.

We got on the road at 10 ish.  Leaving Mackay we saw three large sugar refineries.  I guess that’s where most people in the town work.  We had 450km to ride mostly on the A1 and we knew the scenery was going to be boring so it was a matter of just getting comfortable and getting the k’s behind us.  We stopped in Bowen for lunch.  It’s on the coast but there was a strong onshore wind blowing and we both got a bit cold.  The sky was getting blacker.

In the next leg of the ride the rain came and it was quite heavy at times.  Our riding gear is waterproof so it doesn’t bother us.  The main thing is that all the time we are riding north its getting warmer.  Once we popped out of the rain the temp really rose, and behind was a bright rainbow.  We rode into Townsville around 3.30.  We have both been here before.  Stuart when he was young as a scout, and me when I was 25.  Neither one of us remember the city.

What’s striking about Townsville is the enormity of the trees, the tropical plants and bright coloured birds.  We are now in the tropics.  Townsville is on the coast, and the beach front runs all along the city.  A very nice place.

Yellow Pohutukawa trees!!


This is magnetic Island, a place I stayed at 25 years ago, and Stuart stayed there 51 years ago.


Off to cairns tomorrow!