01/07/2017 Yeppoon to Mackay

This was not our best day of riding!  We had found an alternative route to the A1 but upon close inspection on Google Earth, husband realised that the northern end of the road was closed due to roadworks.  This was well spotted because at the turn around point we would have been too low on gas to double back.  So, on this day we had to ride the whole 450kms on the A1.  It’s Saturday which meant not too much traffic, especially trucks.  The trucks here are very long and take a bit of skill and observation to pass.

I didn’t mind the ride today.  It was a bit boring-we are in the land of sugar cane and gum trees now, so the landscape doesn’t change much.  There are lots of good resting/picnic areas along the way with good clean toilets.

Mackay is the 4th biggest producer of sugar cane in Australia.  We’ve just been out to dinner and the town didn’t have as good a vibe as other places we have been to.  We are staying on the edge of a big swampy mangrove area, and this is croc country for sure-we walked into town with poor street lighting.  Lots of the locals were dressed up to the nines and had had a bit to drink- apparently its the day of the Mackay races.

Anyway, we are in Mackay because its half way between Yeppoon and Townsville-900km’s!  Mostly riding on the A1 again tomorrow.

This is the Mackay court house:

After breakfast the next morning: